Sleepy Sheepies

This afternoon, I snuck up on Lambie who was fast a bye-byes in the autumnal sunshine.

He grumbled about my presence and then went quickly back to sleep. I didn’t stay to bother him.  He knows where I am if he needs me.

Everyone was having a lie-down, chewing their cud or sleeping.

All except Maggie and Harry.  I am the Queen of the Biscuits in their eyes so I must be followed at all times.

Dear Maggie is looking wonderful now.  A far cry from the sheep who wanted to live with us this winter.

She was a bit feral this summer but seems to have calmed down again. It was after I went away south. Upon my return, she had no idea who I was so avoided me at all costs.

Luckily the power of the ginger biscuit has brought her back into my fold.

And then there is Harry (or Harrel the Barrel as he is still known).  Annoying at all times.  Silly boy.

He is nearly as big as his mother. At least the same width-ways.

Edna is enjoying her sunset years.

And Madge is looking very well (*** cough *** fat!)

‘Ster was flat out.

He raised his head when he heard my camera.

And lastly ‘Bert was nibbling the dried dockens.

So all sheep looking and doing well. The spring aggro has gone. They all like each other and there are no more battles.

5 thoughts on “Sleepy Sheepies

  1. diane in northern wis

    So glad to hear that the battles are over with the sheep. Your pictures are so sweet of just about everybody napping or resting. Their coats seem to be really filling in fast after their shearing. They all look very healthy!


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