Lilja’s Turn

Today it was Lilja’s turn to do something.

Daisy has been consistently working with her – putting on her bridle, wearing a saddle, in-hand commands, recognising voice commands, standing still, lungeing…..

Although, I am always around when Lilja is being ridden – for safety and I am the one leading.

As Lilja is still getting used to wearing a bit in her mouth, Daisy decided to ride Lilja today in just a fitted headcollar.

Again, me on lead-rope. It’s my job. I see myself as the anchor!

Lilja is getting much better at standing still while the stirrups are adjusted and the girth done up.  All good practice.  I insist all horses should stand still. I hate wandering around.  Grrrr.

With Daisy aboard, I led Lilja around the school.  It is now a fine balance of asking Lilja to listen to Daisy’s aids while following my body language.  My job is to give a small reward for Daisy’s instructions.  Lilja is not allowed to ask for reimbursement either!

I must say, so far, Lilja has been an absolute dream.  She accepts everything we ask and just gets on with it.  She stands still when mounted, walks nicely beside me, she listens to Daisy’s aids, she halts and sets off in walk calmly.  At the moment that is all we are asking for.

And she loves being told what a clever girl she is.

Lilja has grown up so fast.

Where did those 4 years go?

*** sniff ***.

3 thoughts on “Lilja’s Turn

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love the pictures today of Daisy and Lilja. I have loved Lilja since she was born and it’s so fun to see her learning new things and being good about it all too. Will Daisy be doing the same thing with Soley at some point? I know Soley is younger.


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