A Girl and her Horse

Daisy and Iacs (aka Mr Bibble) go way back. They have been BFF’s since I gave him to Daisy when she was around 11.  No one can actually remember when but she has loved him forever.  Iacs was and is her first “pony” that she has never outgrown.

The Walls Show 2005 (Daisy was 12 in this photo)

When I came back from “minioning” (yes, it is a verb now), Daisy had brought Haakon and Iacs over from their field across the hill. It was a nice surprise.  Haakon had his exercises to do, so Daisy tacked up Iacs and had a lovely ride at the same time.

She just rode him in a headcollar as these days he likes that.

Daisy let Iacs do what he wanted and together they flew around the school – though, he would veer inwards every time I got a carrot out for Haakon as a reward.  That horse has the hearing of a bat!

And here is the same smile over the years from riding Iacs. It never changes. ❤️

Daisy and Iacs have a lovely relationship. They always have got on well together.

Possibly very similar in character!

Sadly the silly frilly is diminishing.

(it happens to the best, you know).

I think, if memory serves me, we have had Iacs in our family for possibly 22 years now.  That seems a very long time and sort of like yesterday at the same time.

It was so nice to see them together like that.  Briefly the clock went backwards.

6 thoughts on “A Girl and her Horse

  1. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    It is just so lovely to see a horse and a person stay together for so long. It happens so rarely these days, and people don’t realise what a wonderful relationship they miss out on.

    Especially with childhood ponies! I’m so glad this girl and her horse are still together.

    1. Frances Post author

      You are absolutely right.
      I asked Daisy the other day “if you could just keep one horse, who would you keep” and without a thought Daisy said “Iacs”. Says it all really.

      1. Sherry Walter

        Good for her! I always wonder how anyone can ‘trade up’ and discard the original often just in the quest for show ribbons.


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