Shout and see who comes

Sometimes, just sometimes, a small little Patterdale terrier who is used to “hearing her own voices” (as my neighbour used to say about her) will come when she is called.  It is fairly rare, though.

But when she hears my voice, there is such lovely enthusiasm.

As well as marvellous ears doing their own thing!

Missy is another.  She is obedient (again, when she wants to) and also now a not-so-little lamb.

A girl on a mission.

And she always has a purpose – doesn’t she look grown up these days.

Kappi will arrive if he thinks there is a calorific involvement.  He is very food motivated (especially for Krispy Kreme doughnuts when on the oval track – well, we all are!)

Efstur just likes attention.  He pops up everywhere and has a beautiful smile with dishy eyes.

Lambie will come when he’s called. He galumphs to me, usually with ‘Bert and ‘Ster in tow.

The Winning Smile will appear if he thinks I have biccies about my person.

A lack of biccies can result in him following me home until I give in, find a packet and fairly distribute.

So be careful who you shout for, because someone might turn up demanding rewards!

6 thoughts on “Shout and see who comes

  1. Sam

    One should always have rewards stashed on one’s person for whom ever answers the call from Muzzah. I LOVE the BeAnne runing photos and a total sucker for Lambie’s winning smile.

  2. Linda

    I LOVE the photos of BeAnn! And yeah, they’re usually coming because of food, but when you get the (non-food) unexpected nudges, leans, and nose pokes, there’s nothing like it in the world…

    I cannot believe how BIG Missy is now – she definitely doesn’t look like a lamb anymore. And oh, so beautiful.

  3. Robin E Schwartz

    They are ALL totally adorable! Your posts are a highlight of my day. I sure hope I get a chance to visit Shetland sometime and see them all in person (in sheep, in dog, in horse. lol)


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