Please do not try this at home!

Well today has been “interesting” in the extreme.  It appears we are now viral.  Get us!


The Brain Farts, as Jo calls them, are out in force and we have been accused of promoting over-breeding, photoshopping (I mean I am good in as much as I can erase a Twix wrapper from a photo of Scalloway Castle, but I am not THAT good!), leaving the jerseys on all the time for the ponies to wear, over-heating the ponies (they were not standing in that freezing weather!), etc.

I have also been asked a few times for the name of the person who made the jerseys so they can order some for their equines.  Now this is not a good idea.  Originally, when the idea was first mooted to us, Jo and I looked around our myriad of Shetland ponies to find the right pony for the job. Whiffy Chicken of Lerve (aka Fivla) and her friend Minnie (Vitamin) were our only choice.  They are kind, gentle and very very quiet.


The rest would not have been quite so accommodating about having folk under their bellies doing buttons up.  Heads would’ve been kicked in and we never thought to attempt it.  I have put up some photos of Robert, Daisy and Jo putting the jerseys on the ponies.  DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME!

For those that want the pattern or one made up, I have spoken to the lady what made them, and she has refused point blank to ever make them so please do not contact me asking for one.  It is not going to happen.

I know, I know the feet are extra cute but that is the way it is.  Enough with the brain fartery.


12 thoughts on “Please do not try this at home!

  1. Jan Stewart

    I have only just recently had the good fortune to find your blog, and have spent the last week thoroughly enjoying all 64 pages. Regarding the promotion with the beautiful Fair Isle cardigans – you know your ponies and their personalities, and had the expertise to manage the situation. Why don’t some people have any sense! All ponies and horses should be treated with due care and respect and anyone who is stupid enough to want to dress them up obviously isn’t capable of looking after these wonderful animals.Sorry for sounding off – but…

  2. mary lou

    So sweet – they must be very laid back equines! I am not going to try a Norwegian Sweater for my Fjord horse, that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Earwig

    I’m one of the millions who’ve seen these pics (in my case on CuteOverload) and fallen in love with these ponies! Do ignore trolls and idiots who accuse you of everything under the sun – it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that these are loved, cared for animals, and the sweaters are a great idea! Kudos to everyone involved! (And kisses for the ponies.)

  4. TrixAndSam

    What Earwig said! Ignore the trolls and idiots. What you’ve shared with the world is too special. The negative noise will die down soon. Know that 99% of the people seeing your story are warmed by it and are delighted!

  5. Jukes

    I happened to see your photos on Ravelry and then, coming here, discovered that you’re the family of the now incredibly famous ponies 😉 thanks for the wonderful background to the two girls and the shoot, as well as the shots of Shetland- they brought back lovely memories of a brief visit a couple of years ago…Happy day!

  6. Meta Brown

    Just a thought for any knitter who cannot resist this temptation. If the buttons were in the back, it would be easier and safer for the persons doing the dressing and buttoning.


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