Shetland Ponies in Fair Isle Sweaters (Again)

We arrived at the Shetland Museum and quickly got everyone ready.

There were already folk waiting for the two celebrities.

Fivla and Vitamin were behind a small barrier so they wouldn’t be alarmed by all the spectators. Anyone (and everyone) who wanted could have their photo taken with them one at a time.  There was an orderly queue that never stopped.  I honestly don’t think the ponies had forgotten what to do.  They were professionals.

I was so proud of my ponies. They behaved beautifully and certainly hadn’t forgotten their celebrity ettiquette.  They chatted politely and pricked their ears forward for each photograph.

The Museum had very kindly offered to put out buckets for donations for the Minions and so I spent my time talking to folk and giving out leaflets.

We gave the girls a well-earned break in the middle and happily trundled over the bridge back to the van for water and hay.


And then they walked back to Hay’s Dock for the last leg of their Meet n’ Greet.

We tried to stay in the sun for the best light so the ponies were repositioned around the pier while people took more and more photos.

Once over, we returned all the sweaters (including the two that Daisy and Flossie borrowed) and gave the two VIP’s (short for Very Important Ponies) a nice bucket of grub before travelling home.

Now they have returned to their usual life of living in a field and eating.

We are all exhausted but it was a brilliant day and wonderful to see Fivla and Vitamin do what they do best – show the world that they are still superstars.  There really is nothing better than a Shetland pony wearing a Fair Isle sweater.



18 thoughts on “Shetland Ponies in Fair Isle Sweaters (Again)

  1. Kerry

    So glad you all had a brilliant day, with wonderful light for photos of the VIPs.
    Have to agree there can’t be much better than A Shetland Pony in a sweater (unless it is two Shetland ponies eacn in a sweater)

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Oh, beauti-ful, beauti-ful!! I showed the photos to Harry and he too thinks Fivla and Vitamin look gorgeous. Though I’m sure it was chilly, it was a lovely day for all.

  3. Dona

    Love the horses (and daughters) in their beautiful sweaters. So exciting for the public to get to see the “postcard horses” in real life. I always wonder when the animals are released back to the herd/flock if they communicate their experience to the others. Tell them about the ride in the trailer, all the people with cameras and the fun food treats, from their point of view.
    Guess I read too many Far Side cartoons growing up, where the animals all talk to each other when the people are not around. 🙂

  4. Brigitte Swan

    The sweetest ponies and ambassadors for shetland I have ever met. They made my trip so memorable. They will always be in my heart. I even got nuzzled so very softly. I was really touched by them. Thank you for bringing them to visit.

  5. Gail Lawson

    These ponies are adorable and oh such good sports! Reminds me of the Thelwell series of which I am a great fan!n

  6. Celeste

    Fantastic! They truly are movie stars. So clean and shiny, pretty, well dressed and well behaved. Wow! Will you do it again next year? Hope so since I’ll be there.

  7. diane in northern wis

    Congratulations to you all, on such an awesome day! The ponies looked beautiful and acted like the true celebrities they are! Great Job!

  8. Shelley

    I’m not a knitter but I do know how skilled one must be to make a Fair Isle sweater. Are those sweaters hand made? If so WHO made them? Nice to see Daisy and Flossie together!

  9. Linda Loba

    You are SO right; there is nothing like a Shetland pony wearing a Shetland sweater – it’s just so perfect!


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