Shetland – out and about

Our third day of bad weather.  I am bored of it now and so are the horses.  With cabin fever, I thought I would have a bit of a drive around to see if there was anything good to photograph.


So off I trundled, looking at the scenery and snapping away at anything interesting, like the heron or hegri flying away.


The hill ponies were ignoring the weather and standing with their bottoms into the wind. There is always plenty of shelter in the scattled (Shetland common grazing).


They looked up at me but weren’t interested.  Consuming food to convert to heat is all animals want to do.


And so I drove about being watched by the locals.


I think this is a rook, not a raven. I am not sure but there were two of them gliding around on the air currents coming off the hill.


It is not all doom and gloom on a dreich day like this.  The colours are beautiful and sheep look like woolly maggots, a friend of mine always says!


The hill sheep know their way around the hill very well.  They live in small herds never really straying from their area.  It is where they are born, live and die.  They know where the shelter is and how to use it.  The over-hanging peat hags are very useful for this purpose.


So you can see it is a foul day.  The wind is blowing the rain horizontal and everyone is fed up.  Storm is on his third rug and my kitchen resembles Widow Twankey’s drying room – 2 rugs, 1 survival suit (I walked the dogs), and I am on my second set of clothes.

Apparently it might stop on Monday!  Anyone remember sunshine?

3 thoughts on “Shetland – out and about

  1. Karen

    Been very wet here first thing…I walked the pup (a very reluctant companion who kept stopping to shake and give me withering looks) in full waterproofs and still got drenched, having discovered to my horror that my expensive walking boots are leaking like a sieve and need ‘reproofing’ as do my waterproofs. Didn’t meet another soul or dog the entire walk…think I was the only one mad enough to go out…but hey it was only ‘weather’. It was still good to be outside and great to have open space to myself. Think I am becoming viewed as the local ‘mad dog walker’ as I go out whatever the weather.

  2. Aoife @Pampered-Ponies

    I’ve just found your gorgeous blog (thank you Haynes newsletter) & have loved having a nosy through your recent posts. Such a lovely herd you have equine & of course the hounds. Your photographs are stunning! I cannot wait to see more of everything.


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