Shetland Elephants

Yesterday evening some folk visited the Minions with not much notice..  The ponies were very happy to meet and greet but they looked revolting.  Waffle had bathed in dirt and everyone was losing their coat in handfuls.  It is the time of year.  I don’t think the visitors were too impressed, to be honest and I realise now that everyone should not resemble a guttersnipe.

I managed to successfully recruit both Daisy and Flossie, my daughters.  So, armed with brushes, we went and had a good go at the Shetland ponies.

The ponies’ winter coat is thick with an inner and outer layer, both coming out in handfuls this time of year.

It is a fine line, though, as we don’t want to totally strip a pony of its coat if it lives out 24/7 because they will have nothing to help them if there is bad weather.  So we just brushed the bits that were falling out. Of course Albie had to be different – his coat was not budging.

I also attacked ears when no one was noticing.  The whole herd was also dosed with Spot-On – a ready to use topical ectoparasiticide that will treat any unwanted creepy-crawlies.

Tiddles found our spare headcollars to play with.

“What me?  What, what did I do?  I touched nothing, honest.”

So once we had extracted our belongings from being distributed around the field, caught, brushed and dosed everyone, we could see they were back to being beautiful again.  For how long this will last, I do not know.

Our reward was a sit-down whereupon the usual Minions flung themselves upon us for hugs and kisses.

They fairly and evenly distributed themselves.

They will always remember who was around right at the beginning when they needed help.  Shetland elephants never forget!


5 thoughts on “Shetland Elephants

  1. Chris Neef

    It should not have bothered your visitors that the Minions were a bit scruffy. It is a teaching moment. The Minions are amazing and so are you and your family for loving and caring for them!

  2. Sam

    Everyone at this time of year is scruffy. The Maine Coons are shedding like mad too. Albie has perfected the “what? Me?” look. I do like your elephants.

  3. Louise Stopford

    What lovely photo’s of everyone having a kiss and a cuddle. Sweet little hearts that you have helped and nurtured. Wish there were more people in the world like you (and your family) as it would certainly be a much, much better place.


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