Because We Can!

A large cardboard box arrived in the post yesterday addressed to…… Iacs c/o of me as I have the “disposable” thumbs, I guess.





As the parcel was not actually addressed to me and Iacs is Daisy’s horse, I left it outside her bedroom door as she was in a meeting over the internet and could not be disturbed.  Every so often I would pop back to the house to find out what was in the box but to no avail – it was a very long meeting that took all morning.

Daisy finished eventually and opened the box.  The suspense was high by now.  We were all desparate to know what Iacs had been sent.

It was the most perfect of presents.

Daisy showed him his treasure.

He investigated it thoroughly for any calorific riches.

(ever the optimist)

And then came Iacs’ coronation.

I think you will all agree that the crown is absolutely perfect and fits beautifully.

Iacs is the kind of royalty that suits a crown.

Iacs is a monarch, obviously.

So as it says in the description the “Perfect accessory to go to the conquest of the distant land.”  Go you, King Iacs of Bimble!  Get conquesting, just quietly and with minimal fuss.

And yes, we will obviously be trying the crown on every horse and possibly sheep that comes across our path when we are in a regal mood.  It would be foolish not to and opportunity not to be missed in my book.

I ❤️ this crown and thank you very much.  We know where you live! xx

(just sayin’)

7 thoughts on “Because We Can!

  1. Sam

    What a wonderful gift for such a regal dude. Looking forward to what the interlopers look like with the crown.


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