And so to Town

Daisy and I took the van to fill up with emergency hay for foaling – because you never know and I like to be prepared.  Ok, ok, I panic and worry. I admit it.

Anyway, once we had our hay, we went into “centre ville” and I dropped off my felted creations.  First the sheeple went to Jamieson’s Knitwear on the street.

I felt very proud seeing my work in the shop and hope they quickly fly off the shelves.  I worked very hard making them.

Then ten puffins went to the Peerie Shop to be priced up and quickly put on the shelves.  The street was deserted mainly because it was ruddy freezing.

There was, however, a Norwegian cruise ship in harbour – the beautifully restored MS Nordstjernen.  We did see a few visitors huddling in doorways looking very cold.

The freezing black clouds were not helping.

Daisy and I dodged in and out of the shops trying to avoid the hail, sleet and, at one stage, snow.

So that’s all my sheep and puffins gone.  Flown the nest.  I am now working on curly-wurly sheep.

I love the Wensleydale curly “locks” and am waiting on some shiny black ones to arrive from England.

I think curly-wurly sheep may be the way forward!

6 thoughts on “And so to Town

  1. Linda Loba

    We’re heading towards the 80’s (F) and your weather looks heavenly to me.
    Love those beautiful (and shiny) locks on the sheep!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love those curly sheep…..and so happy you’ve got your beautiful critters in the stores now!


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