Shetland Craft Fair 2019

Just some photos from this year’s Shetland’s Craft Fair held in two huge rooms (the Main Hall and the Bowls Hall) at the Clickmin Leisure Complex in Lerwick.

Organised annually by Shetland Arts & Crafts Association and open over the whole weekend.

I love my yearly visit, although I do always end up seeing things I want for myself and not anyone else.

I managed to start my Christmas shopping, so that’s a plus.

There were some truly inspirational and lovely things.

The standard was as usual very high and, for such a small community, there are some very skilled crafts people in Shetland.

Immense variety.

The Craft Fair is also the perfect opportunity to bump into old friends.

And meet new ones too.

So I had a very happy morning browsing the endless stalls, trying to see everything whilst attempting to get myself thinking Christmas-shopping thoughts.

I could’ve bought myself piles of presents which is not the point, I know.

But I came home with many ideas too of what I want for Christmas.

You can buy almost anything at the Fair from homespun wool….

… to polar bears with great expressions ……

…. or skull and crossbones juggling balls!

What’s not to love?

We are very lucky to have this on our doorstep.

7 thoughts on “Shetland Craft Fair 2019

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Speaking as a sole American, I do wish there were more places where the skills of people were showcased – like in Lerwick. You have such able and talented folk who live on Shetland and they should be honored. How lucky you are to live there and be a part of the “local scene” – because you too are talented!

  2. Celeste

    Oh my, I want one of everything! The mitts, the mohair bear, the felt sheep faces, the watercolor of sheep…you’re right, there is a phenomenal amout of creativity in a small place. Perhaps that’s why Shetland is now an international destination for more than just cruise ships. i hear there were 1000 at SWW, from all 7 continents! I’ll there next year.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Some lovely items – I could have spent a lot of money! Why do you not have a stall, Frances? I’m sure you’d be able to sell loads of felted sheepies and some framed photographs and probably loads of other things.

  4. Linda Kirk

    A fantastic array of crafts. I wish I’d been there, but will check out some of these items on line. I need to have one of those mohair bears.

    1. Frances Post author

      Ah, you need to talk to my friend Lauren Doughton – (Tedwina and Friends) –

      I have one. He is my little chap sitting watching me from my desk and I adore him! Beautifully made and much loved.

      If you are not on FB, do you want me to give her your details? Let me know. Happy to help fellow crafters and the bears are divine too. xxx


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