Gorgeous Boyzenberries

The Boyzenberries are looking particularly gorgeous this time of year.

Or as my postman says “they are looking very well”.

He may mean well-covered or even a little on the fat side.  I do try, honest.

The Shetland autumnal afternoon sunshine suits them as they graze around the croft.

The Boyzens seem very happy and settled with each other. The arguing has got less but ‘Bert is still intermittently a bit lame.  I am not sure why – I think it is just one of those things and not much we can do about it.  I give him TurmerAid if he is miserable and that helps hugely. He tells me if he wants it.

Despite this, they all still want to go out into the hill for the day and I don’t stop them.  Today, I went for a walk  and saw my three sheep miles away in the scattald with the hill sheep.  I shouted their names and the Boyzens left their hill flock friends and immediately came running to me.  We walked home companionably while the afternoon sun was setting. It was very magical.

I guess they don’t have ginger biccies on the hill which is a plus in my favour.

And neither do they serve a decent breakfast!

This is much to Lambie’s disgust. He loves his brekkie possibly a bit too much!

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