Sheepie Sheep

Everyone is lying around, chewing their cud and I am thinking to myself “their fleeces look a bit good”.

‘Bert – originally a “moorit”, but a bit of a faded one now.

‘Ster– “katmoget” – his fleece is incredible, the very best of our flock (Note-to-self –  I need to save up and buy some carding combs and stop giving his fleece away).

(Screen Saver anyone? – let me know – happy to send a larger file).

Edna – it will be very interesting to see what Edna’s fleece is like this year. Last year, she had none. It all fell off due to sickness and misery.  She is a pure Shetland ewe and her wool should be very nice.

And then there is Madge – Her fleece is exceptional.  Seriously wow!

As a cross breed – Cheviot x Shetland, I think, her fleece is amazing.  Folds of wonderful wool.

But, best of all, she is a happy sheep and that is very important to me.  Her calm eyes say it all. She will come up for a chat, she lets me tickle her nose and she doesn’t run away in a blind panic.

And then there is Lambie.  Well – we don’t discuss this.  It would hurt his feelings.  He is a delicate flower but his fleece is, sadly, “carpet quality”.  Nuff said.

Only a Muzzah could love him.

For me, the sheep’s fleece is a by-product. Being happy, confident and content with the world is all that matters. It has taken a while (a year, to be precise for Edna and Madge ) but I think we have done it.

Sheep are very under-estimated.  This saddens me.

8 thoughts on “Sheepie Sheep

  1. Mary Domito

    I revere the sheep. Their wool is second to none for warmth and temperature regulating the human body.
    I am excited to be carrying mattresses with some pure wool layers. coming in about 60 days.

    Thank you for sharing your sheep with us!

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    “But, best of all, she is a happy sheep and that is very important to me.”
    And it’s important to me, too. Knowing what awful lives many critters have, knowing there are happy, save, well-cared for animals up there – many of which are even welcome into your house – is just splendid.

  3. Kerry Butler

    Yes me too Frances. I see articles periodically that claim scientific proof that this or that animal has the intelligence of a child. Many years ago now it was sheep recognizing a large number of faces….and I think to myself, ‘why are they surprised?’ Anyone who has spent time with animals knows they are sentient like us, different but the same…..
    I love to see them content and happy and confident like your sheepies…

  4. Linda Kirk

    As long as Lambie’s fleece keeps him warm, that’s all that matters. I have a new appreciation of sheep through your blog, never having seen them up close and personal, and their faces are all so individual, full of character and beauty.

  5. Suca Johnson

    Tell Lambie there’s nothing wrong with carpet wool! A high-quality wool rug will set you back a lot more than any old sweater or scarf. 😉

  6. diane in northern wis

    So interesting looking at all the different types of wool. And what a smart sheep Mama you are to have such a happy lot of sheep at your place. I’m so glad the two ladies have settled in and gotten happy. My mom used to always say, when I was growing up, that she would like to have a Sheep as a pet! I never forgot that. 🙂

  7. Sam

    To think where each of them started to now….you are amazing. And Lambie’s fleece is yummy – looks like a warm blanket. Or a nicely woven rug. But the change in the girls!WOW!


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