Waiting for Us

Vitamin waits patiently at the gate for us.

The two Icelandic lasses, (from L-R) Sóley and Lilja, wait in their spot together too.

As does Fivla.  You can almost hear them willing us to be faster with the buckets!

The Minions all know it is not worth their while – and they get carrots (today was ginger biccies as we were running out of carrots plus some horse treats) if they can wait nicely.  And if they wait nastily, they still get the carrots, biccies and treats because it would be mean to give them nothing.

It was all very civilised, which is always nice and makes a change.

1 thought on “Waiting for Us

  1. Sam

    Little Sisters the bane of the Elder’s Life. Sigh.
    As for everyone else, must be the boredom of wishing winter to end and Spring to arrive…I too wander aimlessly trying to plan dinner…


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