Rain Stopped Play

Daisy and I were out first thing this morning fully intending to “do feet”. Silver and Tiddles were on our list.

We managed one – Silver – while the rain poured down.  It was too much.  But when it goes down the back of your neck, there is a constant drip off your nose and you can’t feel your fingers….. we called it a day, went home soaked to the skin, miserable and cold.

Silver was, of course, an angel.

I saw this chap on my rounds.

And made this little cutie-patootie in the afternoon (to go with his Mum).

They look good together, I think.

So a sort of a productive, if wet, kind of a day.

1 thought on “Rain Stopped Play

  1. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear, I can just picture you out there with the rain dripping off of you. I’d say you did well to persevere as long as you did. Thanks for the great pictures…and I love the little lamb you made…love all those colorful flowers around him too. You do mighty fine work!


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