Sheep Hugging

Every so often, and on a nice day, ie when it is not actually raining, I will stop what I am doing and sit down on the concrete slab outside the indoor riding manège to be hugged by whoever wants a hug.

It is usually ‘Ster.  He loves hugging.  He leans right in and smells gorgeous.

This time Daisy joined me with the sitting too, as well as Her Maj.

So while Daisy was being hugged, I took a few snaps of my surroundings.

As you can see, Lambie and ‘Bert were not in a hugging mood.  This was an aloof day.

Meanwhile up above a huge raven was rowing with a seagull.

I am sure I could train Her Maj and even Monster to welcome a raven to our family.  Just sayin’.

It was nice to have a little break chatting to those that wanted to chat while watching the world go by, mostly above us rather noisily.  I was just hoping we would not be splatted on.  An occupational hazard.

After a while Lambie and ‘Bert got up.  Another row started.  Not a very serious one.  Just bickering between Lambie and ‘Ster.  It’s a sheep thing. They do this.

Still the peace was nice while it lasted and sitting on concrete makes for a cold bottom so we didn’t stay long.

It is very therapeutic, though, feeling so wanted and needed.  Sheep therapy.

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