Strange Little Soley

Like all of our animals, Sóley the Foaly is a character!

I don’t see as much of her as I probably should as she, her Mum and her sister are in a huge field and they vanish the minute I think I must go and say hello.

So the upshot is that Sóley is pretending she doesn’t know what hoomans are and hides behind her sister, Lilja.

Luckily, with the help of Lilja, who knows jolly well what a hooman is good for, Sóley decided she could remember again.

There is a very fine line between spending far too much time with a foal (it does more harm than good peoplefying foals) and then not spending enough time, which I fear is what we have done.

Anyway, I have put Floss on the job and she now goes out everyday to renew her acquaintance.  She particularly enjoys this work-in-progress.

(sisters, two sisters…..)

So the most strange thing Sóley does is…..

…. when she rolls….

(which she loves)….

She does this!  Legs straight up and out and we all laughed out loud!  She looked very funny.

She did it each time she rolled.

Offended at our laughter, Sóley cantered off back to her Mum.

And then had a little “mad half hour” cantering in small circles around Hetja.

Lilja just stood deciding whether to be a people person or a horse.

And then they all decided to leave, vanishing over the horizon again.  It is a bit like going on safari, when you go and find the girls.

(most odd that rolling thing. I have never seen another horse do that with their legs!)

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