Sheep Hugging Therapy

Daisy had gone to work this morning. Later, we had a phone call asking if the vet could come earlier than booked (when Daisy would’ve been back) to give Efstur his booster injection (equine flu) and would we be around for this? I said yes and Floss, who wanted a break from her work, came out to help me get Efstur, and his friends, into the closest field ready for the vet.

After some not-very-strenuous gate opening and closing, a headcollar on Efstur, the rope put somewhere close at hand, and water buckets filled (note small black lamb “helping”), we waited.

As the sun was out, and it was a nice day all round, we decided to wait with our woolly friends.

They do love it when we sit down with them.

They were all especially huggy.

Edna sat down next to me.  She just wanted to have her nose kissed and to be stroked.  She is a very affectionate lady.

Even Madge was almost part of the family.  She does try so hard but…… run away!

And little Harry pitched up too.

Maggie was not sure about this sort of thing and called him away.

But he ignored his Mum and quickly returned.

Apart from being with horses, I honestly think sheep are the best therapy.

You know where you are with a sheep – very loved and surrounded by a faint smell of pee!


1 thought on “Sheep Hugging Therapy

  1. Sam

    Floss has the magic scritching fingers given the happy sheep faces. And clearly Harry has no “stranger danger” alarm but Maggie does in spades. Nice to see Edna being loved even if Madge has “stranger danger” alarms in spades.


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