Minions before the rain

I took Fivla her daily turmeric supplement (TurmerAid) – 25 this year and she still looks exactly the same but these days she has slowed up a little.

Fivla quickly scoffed her turmeric supplement down (I have yet to meet an animal who refuses it) and once finished, walked away, leaving the non-existent clearing up to the Shetland vultures who had been hanging purposefully around.

I think Storm won this battle.

While they argued about nothing being left in the bowl, I went around everyone else with their carrot ration and took a few snaps as well.

Silver becoming whiter and whiter


The Incorrigible Newt (possibly a small gastro-pub in the heart of Englandshire, where they go in for that sort of thing).

Storm, Newt and Tiddles

For once not bickering!

And dear old Vitamin, who is 26 this year.  She is 2 years older than Fivla. I always forget this.

The Minions are very pleased to be in their “Summer” field.  All we need now is for some warmer temperatures and the grass will start growing and we will all be happy.

Home, and I found Harry had taken up residence in an old fishbox.

I asked him what he was doing there and he said he had “gone to bed”.  Fair enough.

4 thoughts on “Minions before the rain

  1. Sam

    Once again, lovely photos of the Minions and Ladies. I do love how Harry found a comfy box to nap in that Mom may not have seen.

  2. Gail Lawson

    Everyone looks so good! You are a wonderful mother to this brood, regardless of the weather! Harry is a love! Gail

  3. diane in northern wis

    Harry reminds me of a cat….he loves to sit in boxes, etc. One of these days, he won’t fit any more!


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