Shearing Hill Sheep

This morning I heard outside shouting, baaing, barking and roaring (quads).

A neighbour rang my doorbell to ask if my sheep were the three (fat, though he didn’t actually say it but probably thought it) ones in my field.  I said they were and moved them into a small paddock which they can’t escape from.  They get very agitated or over-excited and silly on days like these.

My neighbours were caaing in the hill sheep to sort, shear and drench.

Armed with chocolate bars, I popped over to where everyone was working to ask if they would just run round my field with the quad and dogs as ‘Bert’s hill girlfriend had been living there for a few months.  She needed to go back to her hill flock.  I also picked their brains for some sheeple husbandry advice.

They kindly agreed and I left them to their very hard work.  I wandered about a bit taking photos.

Shearing the hill sheep in Shetland is done yearly.

All hill sheep are pure Shetlands.

No other sheep (including crosses) are allowed to graze in the scattald (open hill).

The sheep were sorted according to their age, sex and, I guess, their future.

Anway, it was a nice day for shearing.

I didn’t stay long – there was work to be done and I would just get in the way.

8 thoughts on “Shearing Hill Sheep

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And here we all thought you’d do some shearing! It’s always a good thing to make yourself scarce when there are projects like this! However, you took some good pictures.

    Speaking of which, yours will be framed shortly. Looks even better in larger size, so thanks a heap!

  2. Cathy

    That’s a very appealing little face in the full frame head shot —— were you just a bit tempted?

    Glad your boys were in and safe.

    Are you getting a bit more mobile and less uncomfortable?

  3. Kris

    Doesn’t shearing this late in the summer make them more exposed to the cold that is approaching? Is there a reason why they do it at this time?


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