Shearing 2020

It’s that time of year – shearing.

I brought the sheep all inside this morning for their breakfast and shut the door!  They knew something was up.

First up was ‘Ster, who behaved, I am ashamed to say, abominably.  Unhelpful wriggling every minute.  Terrible.

Next up was ‘Bert who was better. I trimmed his errant horn and there was blood.

Then it was Lambie who had his “carpet quality” fleece expertly sheared off.

Lambie’s theory was to smile in a winning fashion in the hope it would all be over quickly. Rather like the dentist.

After that, Edna was sheared and she was such a good girl. What a lady.  An example to us all.

And last up was Madge, who wasn’t sheared but was roo’ed instead – just the last bit around her neck.

Everyone was drenched and had their teeth and feet looked at too.  Is it me, or has Lambie got more spots this year?

Finished, they all went outside and the Boyzens had their usual post-shearing arguments. This year it was Lambie being a prat to ‘Bert.

They all look *** cough *** very well *** cough *** (fat, some might say!)

Anyway, I’m glad it’s been done.  Not sure what I shall do with their fleeces. If anyone is interested, please get in touch.  All pure Shetland – moorit, katmoget, flekkit and white.

They seem much happier and cooller too.  Little Missy ran around for a short time shouting for her mother, Edna, who was standing next to her.  She has shut-up now and I saw her having her milk so she’s obviously got the plot again.

So that’s that for another year – the blood is from ‘Bert’s trimmed horn.

Now who’s going to mention the diet to Lambie?  I don’t dare.

7 thoughts on “Shearing 2020

  1. M in NC

    I was wondering when the boyzens were getting their annual barber visit.
    Just consider that they over-wintered well.
    Not ribby and they might need a bit of internal insulation until they grow an inch of wool if the weather takes a little turn.

    You would think that Missy would know her mother by scent and sound instead of depending on her appearance?

    How tramautized is Madge, even though she did not need to go under the shears?

    1. Frances Post author

      Madge is not even slightly traumatised. She sat back and did nothing. ‘Ster was more wriggly. I was fascinated to watch the roo’ing. She did not move.

  2. Sam

    I do think Lambie has more spots. So for the rotund nature of the sheep, perhaps they know 2020 is royally messed up and want some padding against it?

  3. Margaret Robinson

    I’ll bet they all feel better………………….now.
    Actually, I think they all look rather beautiful and/or handsome. And yes, think Lambie has more spots (a to more). If they all were to meld together, he’d be the “black sheep”!

  4. Linda Kirk

    It can’t be a pleasant experience. Still I’m sure they’ll feel the benefit.

    Definitely more spots!

    Does this mean a reduction in the ginger biccies allowance? Poor darlings.


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