Shaggy Dog Story

Hello all, as Frances heads to hospital for her epidural steroid injection, it’s Nick here again to tell you about an auspicious day for Danny.

This is his “What do I care?” face.

We started the day with a walk, as usual, though the weather was more spring like than it has been this year.

Danny didn’t suspect a thing – too busy chasing imaginary squirrels to care about anything of this earth.

This last photo is of the Ebury Way – a dismantled railway line that provides a footpath from Watford to Rickmansworth. Away from all roads, it crosses three rivers (the Colne, Gade and Chess), a canal (the Grand Union) and the Metropolitan Railway. They are extending the Met Line so that it runs directly into the centre of Watford, and the new track runs very close to the Ebury way. They make sure you don’t accidentally stray onto the new works with what seems like an unnecessary number of “Keep Out!” signs:

On the way back home, we passed the site of what was possibly a failed reconciliation between former lovers:

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, Danny’s special day. It was time for his haircut! You’ve see the ‘before’ photos, now check out the ‘after’!

What a smart boy!

9 thoughts on “Shaggy Dog Story

  1. Sam

    Danny looks like a whole new man dog. (What kind of dog is he?) I do hope he got some yummy treats after the haircut, he looks like he needs some.

  2. Cathy

    What a lovely boy. It was a wonderful Spring day today so my two collies had a lovely long walk too. I know the area you were walking quite well, especially the Rickmansworth end, and I hope Danny enjoyed it.

  3. Terri

    Tears of laughter from across the pond! Danny is a handsome chap, shaggy or not. Thanks for filling in again!

  4. Margaret Robinson

    What a dashing young man underneath the shag (which went out of style years ago). As someone else said -“just in time for the warmer weathe”r (if there is any to be had). You are being very brave and quite good at maintaining the site for Francis. It’s rather fun to read about things from your perspective.

  5. Linda

    He’s adorable both ways! (but probably much easier to keep clean without all that fur…)
    What a beautiful walk you have…


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