A Few More Shetland Ponies

Carrying on from yesterday’s photos….

After seeing the beautiful black standard Shetland ponies, we went on to visit the miniatures at Bergli Stud.

They were very pleased to see us.

Bjørn, their owner and breeder, had brought some bales of hay for them.

The ponies feigned vague enthusiasm for a short while.

And then quickly lost interest, preferring to come over to say hello (and to be photographed).

They are all very photogenic.

(I love this one being photobombed!)

Such beautiful little ladies.

Some are pregnant and some are not.

We played the usual guessing game that is very popular this time of year –
Bjørn – do you think she is pregnant?
Me – I dunno, er, could be…….

They all sported wonderful hair styles.

with lots of character.

Miniature Shetland ponies have a unique charm all of their own.  I adore them.  I love the way they think.  They are very different, character-wise, to their standard versions.

Tomorrow, I spend the day in hospital having epidural steroid injections. I am not looking forward to it but it is a necessary evil.  I know I won’t have the strength to write the blog so I have asked Nick Miners to step into the breach.

9 thoughts on “A Few More Shetland Ponies

  1. Terri

    So sorry to hear you must endure another epidural — I’ll certainly be holding the good thought for you tomorrow and hoping all goes smoothly, with a successful outcome. Your photos of Bergli Stud’s standards and minis are wonderful — and the ponies have such GORGEOUS hair! (er, I mean manes) Take care and stay strong. xo

  2. Linda

    They’re just beautiful, I love the colors! (So…humans top food? I’m surprised, but maybe the hay isn’t all that exciting for them?)
    And they know how to photo bomb!

    P.S. All the best with the epidurals, Frances. I had two of them, and although they’re not much fun to get they really helped with my back.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Take care at the hospital! Those shots may work, but the “application” of them is not a thing of beauty. MMR

  4. Nancy

    I hope you feel better after your procedure tomorrow and that you recover quickly!
    Sending you hugs through the internet!

  5. Sam

    Sorry your back is acting up again, but these ladies are lovely! Thanks for making my day brighter. We are having a snow day in Connecticut – 8″ of snow, 45 mph winds and now, sleet.

  6. Louise Stopford

    As usual, stunning photo’s. I really would not have thought that the characters of mini shetlands and standard shetlands would be different. Good luck tomorrow with your hospital visit. Look forward to your return and to Nick’s appearance in Thursday’s blog.

  7. Cathy

    Hope you are feeling better this evening Frances, epidurals are not very nice but If it keeps you riding —-


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