Seals and Sheep and Foal Bribery!

We have a guest so we are doing the tourist routes for her, showing her the sites of Shetland.  I happened to mention the chance of seeing seals and was greeted with huge enthusiasm, so we set off to Little Bousta, Sandness after checking ponies and horses.


There was some quantity of seals all basking and sunbathing along the shoreline


They were fantastic, ungainly and every single one reminded us of our late lamented beloved cats, Fatsworth, who was the World’s Fattest Orange Cat in his day.

BN2A0659 BN2A0662 BN2A0663

A Shetland ewe and her twin lambs were wandering along the shore eating seaweed.

BN2A0669 BN2A0672

The seals were not scared of us humans sitting in our car, taking photos, but to them the sheep and her offspring were too much and they fled or gallumphed into the sea.


I managed to make a short film – enjoy. I think the music is fitting.

Seals are not very good at ballet – just an observation!

Tomorrow …….. foals and bribery!

This has to be one of the best foal photos I have ever taken, if I do say so myself.


Do you like this photo?
Would you like a copy of this photo?
For keeps, Forever?
No watermark, in all its full glory
Yours to do with whatever you want?

Watch this space (ok, tomorrow’s space actually)


9 thoughts on “Seals and Sheep and Foal Bribery!

  1. Karen

    Actually…. I would really love that foaly, but alas I have nowhere to keep her and no horsey friends to keep her company 🙁

  2. Rebecca Final

    oh my goodness – what a cute little fuzzy faced foal. So adorable. The very first ocean shot is gorgeous!

  3. Linda

    That was entertaining, regarding the video! I was hoping to see a mass galumphing into the ocean because of the ewe – the music had that kind of foreshadowing feeling! Cutie foal, yes I would take a photo, thank you!

  4. Sam

    Can I make a t-shirt or mug of this adorable foal???? YES TO THE PICTURE.
    And had a good chuckle over the seals.

  5. E.A.

    We have the same harbo(u)r seals out here in Boston. Well, maybe not these particular specimens but they have a huge geographic range. I don’t think they run away from dogs… Interesting that they find herbivores so disconcerting…


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