School Reunion

I left school in 1981.  Off into the big wide world I went, straight into Nurse Training at one of London’s top five hospitals (The Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street) whereupon I parted ways with the majority of my school friends.  You leave school shouting “keep in touch, I promise” but that never happens.


I had booked to go south last November for a school union but never made it because of my back operation and had to sadly cancel the lot. Two school friends had also arranged to come back up with me on my return to Shetland.  This side of the deal they kept and are now here.


We have spent today talking and remembering our school teenage years together.  I shared my first dorm (dormitory) with “Bermuda” and sang and played music with “Frizz”.  My nickname was “Fran”.  And so, 32 years later, we still call each other by these names as if nothing has changed.  It just feels right.


I have my photo albums which we poured over at the kitchen table.


We all look the same, of course!  No one has changed.  I was keen on photography then too and now I am glad I have all my photos.


Obviously Frizz and Bermuda were introduced to the family.


Frizz brought me the most wonderful present – two cups that had obviously been modelled on Her Maj (simply stunning).  I burst out laughing.  They are perfection.

L1010566 L1010562

And then Bermuda amazed me with gifts (if you know me, you will understand about my recent love affair with See’s Candy, though I am slightly sad that I have to share this).



and the dogs and cats too!


There was also an amazing Bermudan Rum Cake which was incredible (we kept cutting small slices after dinner hoping no one would notice and the round is getting smaller and smaller).  This is a cake I must learn to make.


But, best of all, they brought me Brad Patt!


Anyway, it has been a day of memories, much giggling and saying “do you remember when……?”   Tomorrow, hopefully, we see puffins.


4 thoughts on “School Reunion

    1. Martine

      Sounds a lot like when me & my friend elayne get together! It’s amazing how you can just pick up from where you left off with some people.

  1. Sam

    There is something to be said about old friends. They know you and appreciate all the changes in your own life. But nothing, I mean NOTHING beats a box of See’s Chocolates. I live on the east coast of US but drool over this West Coast yummy! Lucky you!

  2. John Davies

    Sounds like a good time being had by all! We can get See’s candy at a chain of places called Nebraska Furniture Mart but I always thought it was something to do with Nebraska or something. Are they made over there?


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