We are a grandmother!

By Millhouse Independant (Indy PIng Pong to his friends)

Out of Muness Melinda

A beautiful black filly foal born this morning around 06.00 when no one was watching. Melinda was checked at 05.00 (nothing) and bebbie was up, wet and wobbly walking by 07.00.

With Tante Fivla for company in the field, they are a happy little herd and just getting to know each other.

Enjoy the photos.  No name yet.  Put your thinking caps on.

I hate her being an only foal so we will try and “borrow” another mare and filly foal to be friends together.

(and, yes, Melinda’s feet desperately need trimming but we didn’t; think it fair while she was so far pregnant to have to ask her to stand on 3 legs. They will be done shortly.)

BN2A6342 BN2A6352 BN2A6353 BN2A6358 BN2A6363 BN2A6366 BN2A6367 BN2A6369 BN2A6371 BN2A6372 BN2A6373 BN2A6374 BN2A6375 BN2A6386 BN2A6393 BN2A6394 BN2A6397 BN2A6399 BN2A6402 BN2A6404 BN2A6405 BN2A6409 BN2A6362 BN2A6365 BN2A6387 BN2A6419

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