In Search of a Puffin

Frizz, Bermuda and I (old school friends from 1981) went on a road trip to the south end of the island to find a puffin – this was Frizz’s one request, along with hugging an otter.  We went with the puffin.  It seemed safer.

Every so often, I would shout “STOP”, mid-natter, and Frizz would swerve the car quickly off the road where we would all then leap out and take a photo of the view.


Today was beautiful.  Shetland made a huge effort and looked fabulous.  I was so proud to show off my perfect home.


Having not even reached our destination of Sumburgh Head, we decided lunch was in order so off we swerved to Spiggie Hotel for the most delicious and beautifully served food.


I highly recommend this place and the chips are to die for.  Proper chips too.


This is the view from our dining room table.  Pretty impressive, if you ask me.


And then onwards and upwards on our search for the puffin.  I think the Shetland beaches compared favourably with anything in the Mediterranean today and no, these pics are not photoshopped in anyway.


We drove up that terrifying road to Sumburgh Head lighthouse.


A gentleman we met said he had seen nothing but, undeterred, we searched, looked through the binoculars and found that Bermuda had hawk eyes!


She could spot the little bleeders miles away.

L1010632 L1010673

This is their regular haunt but they were very difficult to spot (don’t even bother trying – there are none in these pictures).

L1010637 L1010626

The views were incredible, we had a good laugh while we dodged the rain showers and squalls thrown at us.  I had the chance to play with my camera and find out what it could or could not do.

L1010687  L1010664

I am also sorry to say I had a bit of an Instagram moment which I am now completely cured of – never again.  Naff, that is all I will say.


And so we wended our way home, laughing and chatting. I didn’t flag once and am very proud of myself as this is my first real day out where I actually lasted the whole day staying awake.


Oh yes, and my guests were gobsmacked by the airport runways


(yes, one of them does end in the sea).


And so to bed.


2 thoughts on “In Search of a Puffin

  1. Cate

    I thought I liked your Instagram moment. For a moment. Then, nah, I didn’t. 😀

    Beautiful pics, magical place.


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