Esja grows up

On our left, ladies and gentlemen, we have the aged Fákur and on our right, we have Esja who has been making friends with Jo’s newly white-washed stable walls.


This is a chrysanthemum bottom in the making.


And here are the ladies who lunch (very often if they had their way).


Darling Esja, all growed up but still a baby in her head.


You can see her relationship with the whitewashed walls.  I still haven’t forgiven her for unpicking the knot, opening the gate, taking a bite out of each silage bale and then, to add insult to injury, she opened and ate the 25kg bag of build-you-up food bought and reserved for Delia, who actually needs it.


There is no excuse.  Just pure greed.  It is not as if she is a waif.


And, worse of all, she is still waiting for any opportunity to do it all over again.


That is not going to happen.  Not on my watch.


Essa is going through her “Kevin” phase at the moment (see video below).   Ho hum, hopefully, like all other horses, she will grow out of it.



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