The Minions have their own shed where they have lived with me all their lives.  They love their shed.  I am very aware that others covert it so I asked my OH to put up a bar that ensured that the little boys could get in (by ducking under) but bigger ones could not.

This system has been working well until today.

I went to put Tiddles’ rug back on as it was getting colder and came across this new “Minion”.


The wooden bar had been snapped.


I was not happy. not happy at all and, as I was changing everyone’s rugs, I made Taktur, for penance, hold the rugs to keep them off the floor.


Storm made his feelings known about the extra “Minion”.


Despite being asked endlessly by Kappi, he was absolutely determined not to let anyone else in.


Storm is very tenacious when he has to be.


He manned his post, having perhaps let the side down earlier, and was now living with the error of his ways.


And so they all stood together – packed like sardines in a can.  I felt sorry for Tiddles who had nodded off behind Taktur but no one was upset or distressed, so I left them to it.


Suffice it to say that OH is very surprised his barrier was broken (“that was quite a substantial bit of wood, too”) and I removed all the Big Boys later on so the Minions could have their shed back.

I did secretly smile at the way they all stood there!  One stallion, one colt and three geldings in a tiny space with no argument!

6 thoughts on “Sardines

  1. Linda K

    The shed Is obviously a highly coveted des res. It’s just as well Kappi couldn’t get in, that would have been a very tight squeeze indeed.

  2. Sam

    Boys only, no Mens allowed! Goes to show that the mind of the Minion has no bearing on the size of the Minion. Thanks for the good laugh!

  3. Freyalyn

    It’s the same with dogs – so often it’s the owners’ and handlers’ anxiety that upsets the animals and causes clashes, and if everyone is well handled and socialised by relaxed handlers, all is fine.


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