Said my Goodbyes and Waiting to Sail

I am currently sitting in the passenger waiting area at the ferry terminal ready to go onboard once they are open.  As the wifi here is very good, I thought I would pass away the time writing the blog.

I said my goodbyes to everyone over the course of the day.

And I am trying very hard not to worry about Haakon who finds the Shetland winter difficult at the best of times.  I told him just to do his best and gave him a hug. He understood. He always does.

Then OH drove me over to Leradale to check the Minions as I have not got a car (now sitting in Aberdeen ferry terminal). We took Pepper too and she had a lovely time being introduced and investigating new territory.

Home for lunch and I spent some time with Waffle and Tiddles. Daisy and I did their feet again.  Well, Daisy did. I held the rope and kissed noseys.  Tiddles is much better. Waffle less so. I am trying not to worry about him and we will wait for the next farrier visit.

I spent as much time as possible with Pepper.

I doubt she will miss me much as Monster is her BFF.  Although possibly not very keen on this role, Monster is doing his very best to keep Pepper under control.  She loves it!

Daisy sent me this photo while I was schlepping round Tesco’s looking for a BLT for supper. I think everyone will be alright.

7 thoughts on “Said my Goodbyes and Waiting to Sail

  1. Kathleen woolley

    Dear Francis, Do hope all goes well. Our best wishes go with you and just think the welcome you with get when you go home ❤️

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh my goodness those are the cutest pictures of Pepper and Monster. Glad you got to say your goodbyes!


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