Running out of steam

Last night was vile – buckets of rain.  I left the stable door open so everyone could make their own decisions.

I didn’t sleep well so, at 03:00, I gave up trying, got up and dressed into my survival suit.

I found Haakon, Hetja and Brá in the stable munching away on the silage I had left out for them. They had been there a while and there was not a poo to be seen.  Most odd.

Brá was showing signs of imaginary contractions, so I popped Hetja and Haakon into the small side section.  They bickered like husband and wife!


This left Brá with the large stable to herself and Wiggins (black hen in the corner).


I am trying to be as organised as possible and I made the decision to shut the door, which Brá hates but it was chucking it down outside.  That’s my foaling bucket in the corner.


I sat on a garden chair with BeAnne.  She was a very welcome terrier-shaped hot water bottle.

After 6 hours, nothing happened, so I opened the door and let everyone out.  The rain had cleared up too.


Later on, after a life renewing breakfast, I moved Haakon to the boys’ field.  I had remembered that Haakon has previous with small newly born animals – it was a calf.


After mucking out and getting everything ready again for tonight, I drove to Sandness to check on the lads.

Storm was on terrific form!

BN2A2631 BN2A2632

I gave everyone a big carrot and told them they were notI forgotten.  They are checked every day.

BN2A2636 BN2A2642

On my way home, I saw a new plant growing in the hill.  It looked a bit frilly, if not silly!


I think the diet may be working.


So tonight, off we go again. I am running out of steam.


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  1. Sam

    My great grandmother was a Visiting Nurse who always said “babies come when they want to come regardless of the hour”. Hang in there! Hoping Bra likes the daylight for her new bebe to arrive.


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