Everyone Very Jumpy

Well, here at Chateaux Thordale we are all very nervous and jumpy.

As you can see!

I slowly walked Brá up to the house and stable this afternoon because things are starting to change quite quickly now.


Haakon and Hetja quickly followed too but I decided to keep them apart from Brá but they can still see her.


I think Haakon has given himself a supporting role.


Everyone is on edge.  No, they really are.


The nursing staff have tried the facilities and are wearing most of them too.


Lambie is managing his role by sitting on and in the poop scoop (only Lambie would do this) just in case he might be needed.


After taking these photos, I heard a huge whinny and went rushing outside.  Hetja and Haakon were running up and down the fence looking agitated.  Brá was out of their eyesight and they were very worried.  I was going to keep Brá away from them but Haakon and Hetja want to be near her so I think nature will sort it all out.  I will stay up tonight to watch and wait.  Tonight is meant to be very heavy rainfall and I want Brá to have the option of getting out of it if she wants.

Well, to be honest, I am very jumpy and on edge.  Oh, the worry. Such a worry.

7 thoughts on “Everyone Very Jumpy

  1. Terri

    I can hardly stand it. Please let us know ASAP once she delivers – I may even check your blog during the night (here in Oregon). Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock….

  2. Linda

    Oh, how could everyone NOT be nervous and jumpy – there’s a new foal coming into this world and they ALL know something’s up. I love hearing about the other horses not wanting to leave her side.

    Best wishes and prayers for Bra, and a large G&T for you, after the birth!!

  3. Linda K

    I’m on tenderhooks myself. Everything crossed that it goes well. I’m sure she appreciates having Haakon and Hetja nearby.


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