Run out of Hay

An emergency dash to town (Lerwick) today as we had run out of hay and obviously needed more.  Unluckily it was a Bank Holiday so everything was shut, but luckily I thought to phone the hay supplier first to see a) if he was open and b) if he had any hay.  Huzzah – 7 bales left which I quickly nabbed.

To collect my bales, I had to be in town by 12.00, so I jumped into the van, said a quick prayer to the God of batteries and cold-starting, and off I went.

Phew!  I got there safely, collected my hay and then went on to the Street to see what shops were open.

Unsurprisingly none bar the Bank (deposited a cheque), the Post Office (sent off my thank-you letters) and one Chemist.


So, that was me.  Add a quick run around Tescos for emergency wafer thin dog ham (for the lunchtime tablets) and to grab any bargains (none I wanted) and I wended my way swiftly home before the the roads became icy.

(two swans standing on a rock – I should’ve taken my big camera, I know)

BeAnne had been waiting for my return so I took her for a walk in the hill.  Lots of ice.  Better in the hill than on the roads, though.

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