Rug on, Rug off, Rug on

A very snowy breakfast, this morning.  No wind, but lots of fat snowflakes.


So Fivla’s rug stayed on.

Then there was some potential in the sky, it duly brightened up a bit and the sun shone.  It was lovely and warm.

After my breakfast, I went out and felt underneath Fivla’s rug. She was bonkers hot so I took it off, tried on a few others (just so I knew what I had that would fit her), got in a muddle about sizes and then panicked about the size of the new rug I have ordered for her.  I also lugged buckets of water to everyone and watched them drink gratefully.  There is a massive bucket of water in the field but no one wanted to walk much in the mud as it gives way through the snow.

Storm had taken up sole residence of the little shed.

This evening, I deliberated about keeping Fivla’s rug off as she moves better without it but it was getting colder and colder.

So rug back on plus a bucket of fast fibre to keep the engine stoked.

Vitamin had her’s too.

The gales are back on Sunday and it should start thawing by Sunday. I think I just sound like a weather forecast these days.

5 thoughts on “Rug on, Rug off, Rug on

  1. Sam

    Lovely photos. Darling Filva just needs a little more care right now. Good thing she is patient with the rug on/rug off. She knows you are doing your best.


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