Well, it has been a rollercoaster ride with James II.

This morning, he was pronounced dead.  It was a sad time. We all felt we had failed him and questioned our care and I asked myself where had we gone wrong.  We had honestly given it our best but obviously that had not been enough.  And so, we fed the horses, sheep, poultry feeling very depressed but, hey ho, life goes on and we need to keep going.  We were all miserable, though.

Coming indoors for breakfast and to get James II out of his cat-box to bury, we discovered he was actually alive!

Oh the joy! You cannot imagine just how happy we all felt.  We had been given a second chance.  Life rarely does that.

Ok, James II has not eaten since yesterday but he is still sound asleep in his box in the kitchen under the stairs.

I have been in communication with a Hedgehog Lady in the Isle of Man who confirmed this can happen.

We check James II regularly for breathing – which has calmed down since yesterday. I reckon he has gone back into hibernation.  Good choice not-so-wee James II!

Today has been a gamut of emotions for all of us.  I’m exhausted. I am not made for this.

9 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. Linda

    I read through the previous post, and I’m SO glad to hear James II is alive after all. (I had no idea hedgehogs went into hibernation). I’d be absolutely exhausted too. All’s well, you can take some deep breaths now…

    I found this, and I think it explains what happened:
    “A hedgehog’s hibernation cycle can sometimes be interrupted due to warm weather [inside your house]. A spell of warm weather can break the hibernation cycle, and the hedgehog will go search for food. If the weather gets colder [in the shed], hedgehogs will go back into hibernation.”

    No harm, no foul – he was just reacting to his environment!

  2. Cathy

    Thank goodness you didn’t bury him !

    He must have used up a few of his lives this week. Do they have nine like cats do you suppose?

    Hope he has settled back into hibernation ready to emerge again when Spring arrives.

  3. Lissa

    Started crying at first sentence, but so happy by the end of the post. I am so happy James II is doing well.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh my goodness, Frances, what a topsy turvey time you are having with James II. I hope he stays alive now until you can bring him back to permanent good health. Then will you be releasing him somewhere at some point? I’m glad you’ve got a hedgehog lady to confer with. Never a dull moment with your blog! Love it!

  5. Shelley

    I beg to differ Frances. All evidence over the past five years I’ve followed you points to the fact that you are definitely ‘made for this’. I’m certain all of your animals would concur. 🙂


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