James II

Yesterday evening, cry for help from a friend and a hedgehog was dropped off with us.  Her dogs had found it.

Hedgehog was quickly named James II (James I lived with us many years ago and used to wander around the house at night, and was found snoring behind a cupboard!)

After a quick inspection, we put James II in a cat box with a towel, food and water. He (or could be a she, who knows) was breathing quite rapidly and so we decided to leave him to have some peace and quiet for the night.

This morning, James II was still with us and had eaten and poo’ed so that was a good sign.  We got him out very carefully with gloves and had a better look.  No immediate damage, though we were not happy with his left foot not being tucked up.  He curled up nicely and grunted a bit.  Poor little lad was clarted all over in mud but he was a good size and weight.

I quickly googled “can you bath a hedgehog?” and apparently you can so we watched a YouTube video first.

And in he went.

OH donated an old toothbrush and the bath-water was quickly very muddy.

A bit cleaner, we put James II back to bed and left him in the warm kitchen with food and water.

There was a bit more activity this afternoon.

So we thought James II could go out into a shed to live. The plan being to leave food and water out for him as well and he could come and go as he pleased.


We left the door open to his cat-box and left.

It’s nice in the shed.  Easy access but peace and quiet.

When I checked James II this afternoon, he was curled up and looking cold so I brought him back into the kitchen to warm up a bit.  He had his front foot curled inside himself, so that’s a better sign.  I think he possibly came out of hibernation too early (it’s been a warm) or was disturbed while in hibernation by the dogs.  Anyway, we’ll see how we go.


6 thoughts on “James II

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    How wonderful! I’m glad James II has found you. What a delightful little thing; please do keep us posted.

  2. darby callahan

    Hoping James mal4ed a full and speedy recovery. He certainly is in the right hands for his/her care! We don’t have hedgehogs where I live, always wanted to meet one.

  3. Sam

    Did not know Hedgehogs were that big. Or that one could bathe them.
    Hope James II is doing well and his/her foot in not injured.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Well bless your heart, Frances, you’re helping another animal! How do you keep Monster away from him? I hope he does well. I love your heart, and that of your family …..so very kind.


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