RIP Ljósfaxi from Rickarton


RIP Ljósfaxi from Rickarton
Aged 27 years old

(We made the decision for him to be put to sleep this afternoon.)


Much loved and an excellent teacher of taking responsibility for your actions.  There was no better.

Mad as a box of frogs, mind, but in a nice way.  Nothing dangerous as you set off at a million miles an hour down the road past everyone just waiting for him to stop eventually.

The best tölt ever.  Automatic tölt too and dressage that took your breath away.


He had excellent manners but did tend to quiver unless he was formerly introduced to Mr Saddle Cloth, Mr Saddle and Mrs Bridle.


An excellent babysitter and popular with the whole herd, even on the edge of sanity.


I rode him a few times but he was predominantly Jo’s horse.  Her love.  Once we swapped horses on a trek just to see what would happen.  Jo rode Haakon and I rode Ljossie.  Neither of us was given an easy time by our noble steeds so when we were half way, we swapped back and everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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You couldn’t crash and bang on Ljossie.  You sat still and thought about what you wanted to do and he did it as well as he possibly could, unless he imploded and buggered off.  He was retired a few years back.


These last few weeks Jo has been sucking her teeth.  Ljossie was losing weight so Jo did his teeth and found he had very few.  The nights he has been in because of the snow storms, he didn’t eat any silage, just a sloppy bucket mix.  He hated rugs, he hated stables (he was hysterical by morning) and people input so a life of cosseting would be a life of hell for Ljossie.  Pure torment.  Better to make the right decision, so we did.


Sleep well, my friend.  You had the best life and you were loved.
Always better a day too soon, than a day too late.

❤ x No one can ask for more x ❤

8 thoughts on “RIP Ljósfaxi from Rickarton

  1. Elisabeth

    I really feel for you having to put Ljossie down. Looks a lovely pony & was a good age especially in your harsh conditions.
    The oldest of my Shetlands lived to 31 yrs and 33 yrs. The 31 yr old was the last of my shetlands & was put down only this last September. Very sad & the end of an era.

  2. bigears

    I remember you once said to me if you have livestock you have deadstock when I was bemoaning losing one of mine.

    He was a super boy, great lucky life, and a hard decision made.

  3. Karen

    Well done….but it brought tears to my eyes, it’s painful to lose a friend, even for the right reasons. My thoughts are with you, especially Jo.

  4. Cate

    Lovely tribute to an obviously much loved horse. Love your line, “Always better a day too soon…”—-so true, and of pretty much everything in life.


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