Arctic Conditions

First, a spot of house-keeping.

I am thrilled to be nominated.  So thank you.


Arctic conditions here – the weather forecast said so and, based on what has happened these last 36 hours, I would concur.


4am (2 nights ago), I was woken to thunder and lightning.  As BeAnne shot into our bed, I shot out to go round the house pulling out every plug I could find.  Sadly the router got it and after 24 hours of no inter-super-highway (as my neighbours call it), I cobbled together an ancient router, started up an old computer with a 30 second working window, quickly entered the password before it broke again, and ta-da here we are, back on the net!  It was like a scene from the Crystal Maze.  I am feeling rather proud of my techie abilities.


We have had constant gales and it is Arctic out there.


As the wind blew, it was pointless putting out silage for the horses, as it would have been blown away immediately so OH opened the gate and the lads went into the more sheltered field and were fine.  They have been playing, eating and even lying down in the most horrendous conditions.


Today the wind has died down.  We took the dogs out for a quick walk and then we put out two bales of silage for the horses.


Although the snow is not very deep, it is brutally cold. 


Digestion apparently generates more heat than any other body function.   Ours are very good at eating.


The burn never ices over so they have a constant supply of fresh water too.


BeAnne luffs the snow and had a delicious silly half hour.

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11 thoughts on “Arctic Conditions

  1. Highmac

    Glad you’re back on line. We count ourselves lucky we don’t live in Shetland, Essex, Suffolk, North Wales, etc.

    Worst we had was a panel blown out of the fence (which belongs to next door!) and our two wheelie-bins going walkies – well slidies – round the side of the house.

    Keep warm and take good care of yourself 🙂

  2. Trish

    Brrrrrrrr…………..just looking at your (lovely) photos is making me chilly , Frances!

    Nice to see the pics of your ponies being so hardy – they are really tough aren’t they!

    1. Frances Post author

      Loki liked the snow. He went for a big run in the fields and was fine. He didn’t wear a coat – and as long as he kept moving, he was warm.

    1. Frances Post author

      I must admit I did worry but they were fine. Absolutely fine. I have never been so cold outside yesterday. It was too rough to go for a walk even, we were blown back and it was dangerous. The horses used the lee of the shed as shelter, were covered in ice and snow and yet were not cold or shivering. They are very tough. Same as the Shetlands.

  3. Cate

    Newfoundland ponies do very well too without rugs in winter. Mother Nature provides them with very thick warm winter coats, as lofty as a down jacket, just like the Shetland’s and Icelandic’s.


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