Rest Today

After all the excitement of the past few days, as well as a rather bouncy ride on Klængur (yesterday) when we met a fleet of weird and wonderful excavators coming towards him slowly and noisily, I decided to give myself a quiet day to potter about the croft, relax and re-group.

(And shout at Efstur for his wicked ways – bloody horses!)

Daisy was giving a riding-lesson in the indoor school, and I had been asked to come along for a second opinion on a saddle (like I know anything!) when I heard huge splashing coming from outside.

And, at last, I had seen my ducky-wuckies actually using their pond rather than just knowing they did by the daily water colour change.

They were all having a lovely time.


There was one fight – black-head duck probably splashed water in her eyes and white-head duck took offence. They were vicious. I was shocked.

This is the face of the winner – the one who did not involve herself in such petty squabbles.  I adore my ducks.  They are a joy to watch.  However, we are now down to six having lost one, I think, probably to an otter.  Tis the way.

The Icelandic boys were also around and Taktur spent the afternoon gazing into the middle distance imagining he could hear ladies calling to him – they were calling to the horse in the school.

but he could pretend in his dreams……

Dreki wanted to come into the school and join in which was not going to happen.

It was a nice peaceful day. I like a quiet life, I do.


1 thought on “Rest Today

  1. Sams

    Good to have a peaceful day, rather like the ducks. They remind us of what is most dear to us and who we share this life with.


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