Rejection is Harsh

This is one of Lambie’s best photos from the other day when he came in the house.

It is a lovely picture, capturing everything – Lambie’s noble profile, his Garbo look whilst incorporating a bottle of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume belonging to Daisy, coincidentally.

In a moment of madness, and possibly gin, I decided to take it further.  I mocked up a lovely advertisement, even finding their same font (Engravers Gothic, now you know).

I mean what is not to love?  It is perfection.

So I emailed my creation along with a little message to Marc Jacobs’ office explaining that if they were interested in using Lambie that he was very amenable and we could arrange something.

One hour later, I received their reply.

I have to wonder if they even looked at the photo.

(I am also quite depressed that they wrote “inquiry” (in this Shire, it starts with an e), “utilize” (z seriously?) and “modeling” (two l’s please) and their inappropriate, if random, use of an exclamation mark, capital letters and paragraphs – I am seriously tempted to mark their email and send it back to them. 

But, on the plus side, they did manage to spell my name correctly which is the first hurdle most folk fall at and I am not perfect.)

Lambie and I take rejection badly.

Very badly.

Soulless bunch.


10 thoughts on “Rejection is Harsh

  1. Cathy

    How could they!! That is a beautiful picture of Lambie, ( and how did you get him looking so clean and white?)

    Tell him we think he looks wonderful and give him a big cuddle. Did I mention carrots?

  2. Eva

    That is brilliant, although obviously a travesty.

    Lambie looks so distraught, I really hope he hasn’t fallen off the wotsit wagon.

    Do they or you have a Twitter thing? I think popular opinion is the way to go…

  3. Terri

    Well…Marc Jacobs is a Yank, and on this side of the pond we spell things differently. Sorry about that.
    I will be a hop, skip, and jump from Cupertino this week, and I’d be happy to pop in and set up an appointment for Lambie with the apple-with-a-bite-out-of-it advertising group. Apples and sheep seem better paired than perfume and sheep anyway.


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