Ready to Go

If we can get the horsevan started (flat battery), then the three errant Minions will return to Leradale because Floss and I (plus Daisy from afar) think they look much better.

After checking on the ones at Leradale (Fivla, Vitamin, Silver, Newt and Waffle – all fine, thank you for asking), Floss and I put headcollars on the ones we have had stabled (Tiddles, Storm and Albie), to run them round the school. While I was away, Tiddles had a relapse so the other two were brought in to a) keep Tiddles company and b) slim down as well.

The little boys ran around bucking, farting and giggling, thus confirming that they could safely go back to the field.  There is no green grass there now. Just fibre.  Healthy fibre.

Albie was sweet and kept coming up to Flossie – mostly to ask her to sort out his over-large headcollar.

Storm was a free spirit. He had managed to slip his headcollar off his nose and refused to be caught ever again!

So that’s tomorrow job – van starting pending.

8 thoughts on “Ready to Go

  1. Irmel

    Good to see that the troublesome threesome are hale again – they sure look like they’re up to no good! To my untrained eye they still seem quite – uhm – sturdy but that’s all winter wool I suppose?
    A lovely sunday evening to ye all!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I bet they’d rather stay where they are! Cosy and warm and a nice soft surface for a good game! I’ve been watching the weather forecast and it looks as if you might be in for a rough few days – fingers crossed that it’s not as bad as forecast.


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