Rain, and Out

I have planted all my tatties, (sing it loud),
I have planted all my tatties (feeling smug)…
And winter hurriedly returned.  It’s very cold again.

I have also acquired a plethora of Belfast sinks which I am planting up with a variety of flowers – so far they all seem to be blue, but who cares! Flowers is flowers.

More tatties – this was a case of I wish I had planted them in the other place as that was ideal but now they are too heavy to move over there.  Dammit.

Everything has to be Monster-Proofed.  The only cat to have knowingly killed mint and that is quite an achievement.

I have my beloved Jerusalem artichokes planted here.  My favourite vegetable.

After a rainy morning today, I went to town with Floss – she had her first Covid injection.  All went smoothly.

We didn’t hang around and quickly went home.  These days, I am not a fan of Other People.

I gave Maggie her 4th breakfast as it is the only way I get to talk to Harry.

Maggie told me she hates Harry trying to nurse while she eats her food (she has a point), so I grab him and pop him on my lap for a little cuddle (which he hates but I love).

He is a funny little chap.

He has lots of ideas, and Maggie ignores them all.

But wherever she goes, he follows and then the Clean Up Crew arrive.

I love being at home.

7 thoughts on “Rain, and Out

  1. Sam

    Monster is living up to his name – by sleeping on all your plants to tick you off.
    Maggie has a point about her eating solo – plus it gives you cuddle time.
    And I understand not wanting to be near too many people. I am fully vaccinated but don’t trust that others around me are also vaccinated. More likely they are tired of wearing masks – too bad!


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