Quiet Shetland Sunday

A quiet Sunday, spent with friends while everyone outside wanted their allocated ration of food for the day, which includes the afternoon round too.

After the dogs had their tea, I made the mistake of going outside to get some fresh air.  I had a feeling I was being followed.

So, being the nice person I am, I put out some bowls of grain. The ducks and hens are being wormed (for the first time), which is a process that takes a week.  This means all food is weighed, worming powder added and only that food can be eaten.  It is a most complicated process.

And the drakes look all moth-eaten because they won’t stop fighting.

It’s a result of too many drakes and not enough girls and I am not sure how to kindly resolve this situation.  No one ever wants drakes.

Leaving that dilemma behind me, I went into the field where the horses live. I hadn’t seen them myself today.

I like to check everyone is walking fine as they have unlimited grass (30 acres thereof).

And that they are also eating with no problems.  I can’t tell you just how much I dread finding anyone with colic.  It is my main worry.

There is no picture of Bibble as he was busy farting to himself (so definitely no colic) and I was downwind wondering where the over-ripe Camembert was!

Luckily, Haakon just looked gorgeous.  I have always loved his black fur-lined ears.  Magical, as always.

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