Poorly Pepper

I did a terrible thing last night.  I opened the front door and Pepper got her foot caught, I think, under in it.  In my defence she was totally in the way, trying to get out before I had even opened the door properly.  Terriers do not wait nicely.

Anyway, it was all awful. Lots of squeaking about the pain.  I really had to go out quickly into the rain and sort out various animals but when I came back in a few minutes later, I found a pile of unhappiness shivering miserably to herself on the sofa.

So I scooped Pepper up, checked her over (no obvious breaks or blood or anything to speak of) and spent the rest of my evening hugging, brushing and apologising to her over and over again.

And now today, Pepper is mostly fine except when she remembers the trauma of last night.

I did phone the vet and we agreed on pain control over the weekend with a view  to bringing Pepper in, if things have not improved by Monday,

This afternoon, after flute duets, Pepper insisted on telling Mandy all about her woes and insisted she should be carried everywhere….. from henceforth.

When I look down at wee dug, there is a lot of this….. poorly paw.

And I still feel dreadful, which I think is possibly the aim.

Let’s hope Pepper makes it through the weekend.  And, again in my defence, when no one is looking or sympathising, then Pepper goes perfectly well on four legs with only a very slight limp.

Shoot me now.

6 thoughts on “Poorly Pepper

  1. Ruth Watson

    Sadly I think you’re paying for being so sorry and sympathetic! I’m sure she’ll forgive you eventually lol

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Poor little drama queen! I bet she’d soon forget it if she found a rabbit to chase. I hope she feels better soon and that you can stop feeling like the worst mum in Scotland!

  3. Judith

    Accidents will happen. I’m sorry poor little Pepper came off the worst in her set-to with the door. You must feel awful – but of course you didn’t do it on purpose.
    Hope her foot feels better soon.

  4. Sherry Walter

    My friend’s tiny dog broke her leg. It was surgically repaired and she recovered fully. However, henceforth, every time she was scolded, she limped.

  5. Kris

    The second picture of you holding Pepper is really telling. Those eyes..
    She will make the most of it, for sure. 🙂

  6. Deb C

    Forgive me for laughing at the last paragraph. Sincerely hope she’s OK. I love the picture of the back of her head.


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