Quick Nip

Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts yesterday.  While my heart is breaking, you helped put things into perspective. I needed that.

Anywho, today’s words – Floss and I did a quick nip with the van into town this morning to get some more hay.

It’s that time of year – when the grass is thinking about growing but not quite enough for the horses to lose interest or give up their daily haynet.  When they walk away leaving a half-full haynet for the Spring grass then we don’t give them any more hay.  We haven’t quite got there yet.  Another few days, or possibly even weeks.  So I went into town to the hay merchant and bought 16 bales.  It always keeps for emergencies.  We just drove in and came straight back home.  We decided to go when we usually check the horses (doing the Minions en route)- a time when BeAnne sort of expects us to be away in her daily routine and so would not be wondering where we are and missing us. Every minute is precious now.

And then we came home, were met by an extremely pleased BeAnne and we went into my shed for a nice afternoon of making sheep-no-one-wants (that’s what I call them).  It is my occupational therapy.  There is quite a good flock now.

7 thoughts on “Quick Nip

  1. Nancy

    Your photos are brilliant. Thoughts are with you with Her Maj — many of us empathize with her (and your) journey. You’re a daily visit, a constant in the uncertain world. best wishes!

  2. diane in northern wis

    It’s easy to buy your sheep, even when you live in the U.S. I’m living proof and have a nice flock of sheep right here in Wisconsin! Our Easter season is a long one, so we’ll be enjoying them for quite some time to come, I’m happy to say! so sorry to hear about BeAnne. May all her final days be good ones for her and for all in your family. She’s such a sweetie.
    Love the pic of your herd of sheep….who’s that dude in the very back….a shepherd?

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Competent as I am, noticed a hooman amongst the sheep. Did you make the “Shepard”?

    As to Heather who wrote earlier, we live in CA, but didn’t want to pass on Frances adorable sheep, so we’ ve got a small flock all to ourselves. Mostly they’ve come out to be seen at Christmas, but I’ve got a Scottish tablescape and I think they’d be great with that!

    1. Frances Post author

      The Shepard is the Little Prince’s airplane pilot. I love the Little Prince (for the lamb and sheep bit).


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