Borrowed Time

BeAnne is very much on borrowed time now.  We are going day by day and that is what we have.  Her heart is not good.  The vet confirmed it last weekend in an emergency visit.

BeAnne is spending her last days doing what she loves most.

Looking for bunny rabbitses.  Tis the season.

And today she found a lovely little nest.  I sat down on a cold rock and watched her have the best fun she’s had in ages.

My thoughts are if she goes, then she goes enjoying life.

BeAnne successfully dug up two rabbitses, ate one and brought the other home, burying it for later.

She was very pleased with herself and rightly so.  It was lovely to see, if a bit gruesome, but that is what terriers do and what they are bred for so there is no point saying no, being upset or stopping her.  It is my land, my dog and BeAnne has my full permission.

Afterwards we went back to my shed where she went to sleep in front of the fire.  She was very tired and had a good long sleep.

So that’s where we are.  Every day is a blessing and that’s all we can think.


19 thoughts on “Borrowed Time

  1. Sam

    So sorry to hear this. I wanted to thank you for sharing your critters with us. While I do not have a dog (Little Miss Maine Coon likes to gnaw on dogs), I do feel like BeAnne Duvet is part of my animal family, even we are thousands of miles away. I hope she and you have a lovely time chasing bunnies, swimming in burns, napping on your sweater and cuddling close. She knows you and the family love her, but her digital family does too.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    So sorry Frances! You are doing the best things you can for her and love is the most important thing at the end

  3. loiuse Whyte

    I am so sorry Frances, it is just so sad when a much loved pet begins to decline. I know the comfort she has had a lovely life is thin when you know she is not going to be around as long as you want. Hugs. Hope she gets a bit longer

  4. Celeste

    This is a very tender time for you. We all know it happens but it’s never easy to say goodbye. My thoughts are with both you and BeAnne, along with warm friendly hugs.

  5. Cee Pluse

    I am so sorry to hear about BeAnne’s condition, but glad to see that she is still enjoying life. My dog Ruby, who is BeAnne’s age, is going in for surgery in a few days to have a lump removed from her leg. It will be biopsied after removal to see if it is cancerous and if so if it is malignant. We will follow whatever treatment is necessary after the diagnosis, but it is worrisome and I know how you must feel. My girl is also still enjoying life right now, and will be allowed to do so for as long as possible. As you say, each day is a blessing, and we must cherish our beloved pets while we can. Best wishes to BeAnne, you, and your family.

  6. jane R

    Frances, from following your blog for a long time , I love you, your family and your ponies and sheeples, but most of all I love BeAnne who I encountered on my first visit to your blog. She has had. and is having the best possible Doggy adored by humans life. We are enriched by the company of animals and BeAnne is reaching to many.Thank you for sharing her with us x

  7. Judith Garbutt

    So sorry to read this, Frances. It’s hard to believe she’s so poorly when she still enjoys reducing the bunny population! I hope she manages to have a good few more of those happy days. It’s never an easy timexx

  8. Elva

    BeAnne looks so happy in her rabbit hunting! I am sorry to hear about her declining health, but I am so glad for all of you that she can still run around and pursue her interests (literally!), and just generally enjoy her life. That is what is most important.

  9. Sherry Walter

    This makes me so sad for I’ve been there. Cherish theses days. It reminds me of this quote: Dogs’ lives are too short, Their only fault really.
    Agnes sligh

    You know a dog never dies, they just sleep in your heart.

  10. Shelley

    This is sad news Frances. I’ve loved many dogs in my life but have cherished just two of them and I know how it feels when a dog is your whole heart.

  11. Cathy

    For the moment, she seems to be happy and enjoying being a mighty hunter. I know you are all supporting and cherishing her as you always have done. Treasure these last days in the Spring weather, she knows she is loved, and that is all she needs to help her now.

  12. Sharon

    You are giving BeAnne the best care and showing her the love and attention that she needs. Enjoy her last days! I’m glad she caught some rabbits because she was enjoying herself and doing what she was bred to do. We had a German Shepherd who was a vole catcher and she was relentless when she got the scent. She died of a lupus disease far too young.
    We recently had one of our German Shepherd brothers die, so my heart goes out to you. I know how difficult it is to go on every day knowing that the end of it all is coming.

  13. Emma Morton

    So sorry she’s in decline. Hope you can make as many memories in the time you have together, to go with all the wonderful ones you have shared with us over the years.


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