A Lovely Afternoon Outside

We took BeAnne down to the burn that runs through my fields for her daily exercise and threw sticks for her, which she duly ignored.

But she did go for a little swim.  Proper doggy-paddle like a proper little doggie.

Afterwards, Her Maj had a lovely roll in as much goose poo as she could physically find.

As the Boyzens happened to be in the same field as us, they came over for a chat (I love ‘Bert’s smiley face).  They were both very cuddly.

While we sat on rocks hugging sheep, like you do, BeAnne happily entertained herself.

It was all very peaceful and surprisingly warm.

Obviously Lambie had his own personal hugger/back scratcher and BeAnne got to work, in the background.

She worked very hard, with supervision.

We did warn Lambie that BeAnne has been known to lose her temper with anyone who gets in her way.

I think he was quite shocked at her bad language.

No, actually, Lambie was very shocked!  BeAnne can swear like a navvy if provoked and prodding her bum while she’s excavating a rabbit hole is extreme provocation in her book.

But BeAnne was on a mission and she meant business.  She would not give up, back off or go home.

So we left her to her digging. Suffice it to say, someone didn’t eat much tea tonight. She had already eaten and was feeling full but very very happy.

Just what the vet ordered – we discussed it today.

edited to say a Patterdale has to do what a Patterdale has to do.

7 thoughts on “A Lovely Afternoon Outside

  1. Linda Kirk

    My goodness, BeAnne’s tenacious, she could dig her way to Australia! Lovely pictures of her and the Boyzens. Just how foul smelling is goose poo, on a scale of 1 to 10?

  2. Linda

    It’s just joyful to see BeAnn having such a good time! (And our dog is the same with sticks in the water; just runs out to find it, then looks at it as it floats away…)

    A bit of warm sunshine goes a long way, doesn’t it?

  3. Susan Felton

    I can only hope that BeAnne and you have more lovely, joyous days together. I love the photos of her in the water, rolling in the grass and digging her way down the rabbit hole.


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