Quick Nip to Town

I had to nip to town (Lerwick) this morning to get some hay for the Minions, supplies for the duckies as well as deliver my felted sheep to Jamieson’s of Shetland.  The town was busy with folk fresh off a mahoosive cruise ship (sleeps 4,363 passengers who all seemed to be in Commercial Street taking photos of everything).

It was good to see the street busy but I was dodging and weaving trying to get to my destination quickly.

Home by this afternoon and I went into my shed and made another sheep for sale. Afterwards, I was out with my old camera (a new battery had arrived in the post) to see if this was the camera for me. I haven’t used it for a while because of the battery problem.


It is definitely a possible maybe that might be improved if I clean the lens.


Anyway, one thing I know is that home is way better than anywhere else.

I’m not good in crowds.

3 thoughts on “Quick Nip to Town

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    As ever delightful photos it seems the little ponies enjoyed having their photos taken.. You’re a wonderful monster looks regal, Your flower bed delight. I think I will pay a little online visit to jamesons now.

  2. Dona

    Great horse face photos (portraits). Home is better than any place else, so glad to hear this. I have been feeling the same way after going into town to shop. Coming home to quieter roads and friendly animals, just wish our 106F heat was more like your weather.


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