World Kindness Day – 13th November

Apparently today is World Kindness Day.

And Wu has finally decided that Loki is not going to kill him.

This is an omen.


You have no idea how much I have wanted to see Wu and Loki actually existing in the same room together.  This is almost peace and harmony…..


….. and it has been a long time coming.


Just over two years, if I am honest.


A long road, but definitely one worth travelling.


Wu is still very wary but he has learned that if he runs, he gets chased.  If he walks carefully, he will be left alone.


Do I trust Loki 100%?


In the house – yes, actually I do.  Outside, in the garden – well, Loki is not quite 100% yet but we have come this far so perhaps, just perhaps, we will achieve.


Little steps but steps none the less – that is what Wu has to do.

BeAnne and Wu are the best of friends but it is different with Loki.


If BeAnne attempted to chase Wu, he would turn around and thump her.  He lies in wait for Her Maj and then blocks her route.  She doesn’t dare jump over him because she knows he will get her!




3 thoughts on “World Kindness Day – 13th November

  1. Terri

    Chuckling! Perhaps Loki chases Wu outside because, to him, Wu looks like a first-cousin to a rabbit? Maybe it’s an eyesight thing….


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