Pregnant or Not

It was my turn to check on the Icelandic ladies who are resident in their Winter Palace a few miles down the road.

There is a small field inside their field that has not been grazed yet so, feeling kind, today I opened it up for them.

They didn’t need asking twice. Zoom. There was even cantering.

So, this is Hetja today.  She was served by Taktur on 26th June. I know. I was there.

And so was Brá.  Now she looks pregnant.

Properly pregnant – yup, God-willing there will be the pitter-patter of tiny hooves in a just over a month’s time.

While Hetja (I am now sucking my teeth) just doesn’t look like there is a foal in there.

In fact a few weeks back Hetja looked more pregnant than today so maybe the foal has moved but is just more tucked up inside her.

Obviously, we could get the vet out and have Hetja scanned but, to be honest, as Hetja is not obviously unwell in any way I would prefer to leave it to nature to sort out.

And also, in her defence, we were having the same conversation four years ago when Hjalti appeared out of nowhere so Hetja does have previous for this kind of look.

(Meanwhile Little Herself is going through her gawky giraffe teenager phase)

I left them all to it.  Nature will tell us.  We just have to be patient.  I’m not very good at that.

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